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This Hotel Give Families a Discount for Staying Off Their Phones

Technology use while on vacation affects more than just the type of activities travelers do. According to Wyndham hotels, 54 percent of children believe their parents check their phones “too often” and 32 percent said that they feel “unimportant” when ...

Wyndham Grand Encourages Travelers To Be More Present

We’re all guilty of neglecting loved ones in favor of sending an email or text message. On vacations, when disconnected from the office, unwinding and putting the cell phone away can be even harder. Seeing guests experience the same issues over and over ...

Wyndham Grand Wants Families to Reconnect

We couldn't love this more. Wyndham Grand just launched a new initiative for families: Reconnected, a Wyndham Grand Family Experience. The purpose? To encourage families to trade screen time for quality time. Hotel Galvez is one of five hotels offering ...

Wyndham Grand Wants Your Family to Reconnect

Wyndham Grand® is changing the way we think about family vacations. The upscale hotel brand is piloting Reconnected, a Wyndham Grand Family Experience—a program that challenges kids and parents to achieve the seemingly impossible: putting the phone away. ...
1 2 3 4 532
Showing 2130 of 318 Items

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