GALVESTON, Texas (April 17th, 2019) – Texas Scuba Adventures is new in town and opened today Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 in their new location in Downtown Galveston. Located at 2315 Mechanic Street in Suite 120, Texas Scuba Adventures is in a prime location across from The Tremont House. Their grand opening celebration will be held on Saturday, April 27th, and will be exhibiting photography from Ken Kiefer during Artwalk.

Texas Scuba Adventures is a small dive shop focusing on long term relationships with their customers. Their primary focus will be training, sales and rental of SCUBA, snorkeling, spear fishing and water sport equipment. They train all levels of SCUBA from basic SCUBA diving through instructor, as well as multiple specialties through the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI). Texas Scuba Adventures has partnered with a charter boat to offer guided Flower Garden Banks National Sanctuary diving trips and oil platform diving trips in conjunction with fishing and spear fishing trips.

With 10 years in business, Texas Scuba Adventures is ecstatic to make Galveston Island their home as the only Scuba shop on the Island. They offer combined over forty years of dive experience and eager to share the knowledge with others. When asked why they chose Galveston Island, owners of Texas Scuba Adventures replied: “For us, the history and beauty of downtown Galveston is equivalent to what we see and how we feel underwater. To be a part of both worlds truly represents Galveston as a whole and we could not be more proud to become a downtown Mitchell merchant. The downtown location will give Island residents and visitors the opportunity to see all that the Island has to offer, both historically and naturally.”

Before opening their shop in Galveston, they offered dive certifications and educational programs. For the educational program, Texas Scuba Adventures contract their services to Space Center Houston for a dive/space science program. Students who attend the Space U spend a day with the Texas Scuba Adventures dive team to train like an astronaut. These students learn basic scuba skills which then enables them to complete several scientific tasks underwater, simulating microgravity.


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Phone: (409) 363-9641