Live oak timber remaining from the thousands of trees cut down from Hurricane Ike will be used for the Brig Galveztown Replica Project in Galveston’s new Sister City, Malaga, Spain. Galveston’s namesake, Bernardo de Galvez was a native of Malaga. This week, the timber was loaded into containers to send to Spain.  
Malaga, Spain, began planning for the Brig Galveztown Replica Project more than ten years ago when Spain and the City of Malaga launched an effort to educate Malagans, Spaniards and Americans on the historic significance of Bernardo de Galvez, a native of Malaga, and his role during the American Revolution.
The plan is for Galveztown’s hull to be completed in late 2010, launched and rigged in early 2011. She will sail across the US Gulf Coast including Galveston and St. Augustine and the Atlantic and visit ports in Florida. The vessel will serve as a floating museum on the contributions by Bernardo de Galvez to the American Revolution as well as 18th century navigation, dress, arms and life at sea. As part of Hotel Galvez’ year-long centennial celebration in 2011, Galveztown will make a stop in Galveston.
Astilleros Nereo, a traditional wooden boat shipyard in Malaga that is designated as a living museum is one of the last yards in Spain that still has the capacity to build large ships out of wood. The owners of the yard, the Sanchez-Guitard family decided that they could contribute to the Galvez research and education effort by building a full-scale replica of Galvez’ brig the Galveztown while showcasing traditional ship building as part of their ongoing programs as a living museum.
Partners for this project include Asteilleros Neros, City of Malaga in Spain, Spanish Red Cross, Nyhael Consulting, University of Malaga, Astilleros Bermeo, Escuela Tecnica Superior de Ingenieros Navales de Madrid, City of Aviles in Spain, Daughters of American Revolution, United States Embassy in Spain, Abyssal Pictures, and Fundacion Nao Victoria. Additional partners include Malaga Port Authority, Graficas Urania, St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum, St. Augustine Historical Society, University of West Florida, City of Galveston, and Beck Disaster Recovery.
GalvezTown Interview Resources:
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Renee Adame, member of Galveston Chapter of Granaderos y Damas de Galvez, (409) 457-4035, E-mail:
(Note: Adame recently traveled to Spain to see the shipbuilding process.)