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Why We Love Galveston's Postoffice Street

<div id="pastingspan1">For many years, before the advent of the mall, Postoffice Street was the place locals went to shop. I have fond memories of clothes shopping at Eiband&#8217;s Department Store. While the big department stores have disappeared; this area is now filled with a variety of locally owned shops, galleries and restaurants and is definitely a &#8220;must do&#8221; for visitors. I love it because it offers a little bit of everything.</div><div id="pastingspan1"></div><div id="pastingspan1"><strong>Dining:</strong></div><div id="pastingspan1">First off, there are plenty of restaurants including many with outdoor seating. For more of an upscale experience, look for <a href="">Rudy and Paco&#8217;s</a>, 2028 Postoffice, and <a href="">Saltwater Grill</a>, 2017 Postoffice. Other popular options include <a href="">Taquilo&#8217;s Tex-Mex Cantina</a>, 2101 Postoffice; Sky Bar Steak &amp; Sushi, 2105 Postoffice; Little Daddy&#8217;s <a href="">Gumbo Bar</a>, 2107 Postoffice; and <a href="">MOD Coffee House</a>, 2106 Postoffice. If you are craving pub food, try O&#8217;Malley&#8217;s Stage Door, 2022 Postoffice and for pizza, I highly recommend <a href="">Mama Theresa&#8217;s Flying Pizza</a>, 416 21st Street. And, I have to mention a few other favorites nearby, <a href="">Trattoria La Vigna</a>, 412 20th Street, and <a href="">Old Moon Deli and Pie</a>, 408 23rd Street. For breakfast or lunch, check out <a href="">Star Drug Store</a>, 510 23rd Street. And, for your sweet tooth look for <a href="">Hey Mikey&#8217;s Ice Cream</a>, 2120 Postoffice and <a href="">Ile Petite Bakery and Deli</a>, 2108 Church.</div><div id="pastingspan1"></div><div id="pastingspan1"><strong>Boutiques:</strong></div><div id="pastingspan1">Fashionistas, antique lovers and collectors will love this area of Galveston. Popular boutiques include <a href="">The Style Co</a>, 2113 Postoffice, <a href="">BLU &#8211; A Boutique by the Bay</a>, 2118 Postoffice, <a href="">HaBa&#8217;s</a>, 2213 Postoffice, and <a href="">Tangerine Boutique</a>, 2218 Postoffice. These boutiques are all a bit different and offer a broad range of clothing and price. Even men can shop for a new Hawaiian shirt to add to their warbrobe at <a href="">Cruz Cortez Clothiers</a>, 2227 Postoffice. You&#8217;ll find my favorite jewelry store on the island, <a href="">Fullen&#8217;s Harborside Jewelry</a> at 2215 Postoffice. Another hidden gem is <a href="">Vintage</a>, 2125 Church, which specializes in&#8230; you guessed it vintage clothing. And, I recently discovered <a href="">Outrageous Boutique</a>, 405 22nd Street. </div><div id="pastingspan1"></div><div id="pastingspan1"><strong>Galleries and Shops:</strong></div><div id="pastingspan1">Postoffice Street offers a wonderful mix of fun shops and antique stores. Some favorites include <a href="">Collectors Gallery</a>, 2222 Postoffice; <a href="">Affaire d&#8217;Art</a>, 2227 Postoffice; <a href="">KJR Creations</a>, 2208 Postoffice; <a href="">The Emporium at Eiband&#8217;s</a>, 2207 Postoffice; <a href="">Rene Wiley ...
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