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Texas Gulf Coast

The Lone Star State’s languid stretch of 600 miles of coastline could arguably be one of the most distinctive meetings destinations in the country. Where else can you spot thousands of magnificent birds, unwind to some zydeco music, visit two Chinatowns ...

Galveston Gem - Best of Texas Review

While I was in Galveston recently I stayed at the newly re-opened Tremont House Hotel. The hotel lobby required extensive renovations after Hurricane Ike. The Tremont’s four story atrium lobby – a popular design in the 1800’s - required extensive ...

Galveston, Texas - Getting Better and Better

Galveston has worked hard the past nine months to bring back the vitality every summer tourist is looking for while on vacation. To do so, the Island began revitalization and recovery projects as well as welcomed new businesses to the community earlier ...

What's new in Galveston

More attractions, restaurants and hotels are opening or reopening in Galveston this summer as the island city continues to rebuild after Hurricane Ike.

The Tremont House Makes a Comeback

The Tremont House, the 1900 storm survivor, is back with the rebirth of Galveston. The hotel that rests in the historic district of downtown Galveston sustained several feet of flooding when Hurricane Ike swept through the area in September 2008. But the ...

Galveston's Tremont House to Reopen

The Tremont House, a Wyndham Historic Hotel and Historic Hotel of America, will reopen June 1 following the restoration of its first level, which suffered flooding last year during Hurricane Ike.
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Showing 7180 of 81 Items

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